Saturday, October 31, 2009

Only one way

To grow

And incidentally find more peace of mind for yourself

And that is by helping others

Being as or more concerned with their well being and problems than your own

.......................and thereby you help yourself

So often have we heard this advice

Gets tiring

So what other way is there?

No other way because only by helping others do we move beyond thinking solely about ourselves
Our own lives

Mentally thinking about yourself and your own private problems breeds separation

Helping others breeds cooperation

Helps us into the habit of taking our minds off ourselves

And it is our minds that get us into trouble over and over again

Minds that boss us around

Minds that forever ask us "what if"

Minds that stop us relaxing

This is why we say get involved with others and their problems

It takes away your minds power to stir you up

While you are thinking or helping others

You are less likely to be worrying about yourself

Your mind is contained

Your mind begins to learn some restraint

Minds that are allowed to interrupt


Control you

Will in the end destroy your health and well being

This is why we say get involved with others

It has several advantages

It stops your mind from dominating your thoughts

It helps you start the long journey of learning how to control your mind

And helping others teaches us cooperation

Teaches us compromise

Only one way really

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