Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Most of us have patterns

Patterns we feel comfortable with

Patterns we like

Patterns of behaviour of speech of habit

Patterns of likes and dislikes

Patterns often picked up without conscious thought

Patterns that can get us into trouble

Why then do we not notice how patterns need adjustment?

Without adjustment we can hurt ourselves or get into trouble

There are many things we do without attention

Where are our minds that we do not see?

Often thinking about our latest worry or something else

Get someone you know to comment on your patterns

Ask them straight out what are the patterns you see in my life?
Give me two good and two bad ones

Often our friends or acquaintances see things that we don't
See where you can usefully change your patterns
Notice other peoples patterns and then reflect do I have the same or similar patterns?
Do they annoy you or irritate you?
Then guess how others find yours!

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