Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So true

Of all living creatures, human beings alone know they will someday die

They do not know however, when that dread moment will occur, whether the next instant, the next day, the next year, or decades hence

Furthermore they do not know, what, if anything, happens beyond the door of death

Nobody knows the answers to these mysteries

Many people say

So it is a waste of time to engage in foolish conjectures

Ignorance gives rise to fear, and when the unknown is deemed unknowable

Fear stalks the human mind

Even when people are convinced they will survive death, they are neverthless afraid, owing to doubts and uncertainties as to where they will go after death

Will they be in a blissful place called ehaven?

Or a horrible place called hell?

Furthermore, the pictures they have conjured up in their minds about heaven are not particularly inviting

Thus few true believers long to go there

And so, when old age approaches, they tenaciously cling to life on earth

Despite it's miseries and sorrows

S. Cranston - C. Williams

That was part of the preface to their book "Reincarnation - A new horizon in Science, Religion, and Society"

We leave you there to find out what they have to say, as their book is one of the more definitive on the subject of reincarnation and well worth the read

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