Thursday, November 05, 2009

The largest movement in history

Guess what it is?

Before making such a provocative statement we had to think about it

Maybe someone will argue about it

Why not if it is not accurate?

More interesting thought though is what does it mean?

Alright so what is it?

It is the number of people on planet earth doing things for people they will never meet, never know

Doing things to help those people

People around the world are giving up their time and energy to do things to help others
Some belong to NGOs others do not
Some do not belong to anything, they just do what they do privately to help others

Others work outside known structures

Others through or with large structures

No matter they are all giving their time to help people they do not and probably will not ever know

So yes this movement if we can call it that is unique in human history

Yes this movement has implications

Yes this is a positive human initiative

It shows that many have feelings for what is right and wrong

Governments may be unaware of this fact

Maybe time they learnt that humans have innately caring properties

And this movement is growing

In many new and unexpected ways embracing ever more deprived and needy

People helping people they do not know 

Nice one

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