Thursday, November 19, 2009


Prohibition = Hypocrisy = Politics = Vested interests

Certainly we can all understand how many interest groups derive money from the continuance of prohibition on different substances

Certainly we can see the damage inflicted, the waste of lives

More difficult to ignore is the proof that prohibition does more harm than good

The clear and continuing message that humans will always do those things that bring them personal pleasure

With or without prohibition

Certainly we can see the political advantage of prohibition

What is more difficult to see is why journalists cannot rouse themselves to fight once in a while

Certainly we see that the media is controlled by those who are in league with politicians

But with the screamingly obvious like prohibition

Can they not rouse themselves?

They even have children

What will they tell them?

They were too busy to get involved?

Too frightened?

Too lazy?

Whatever the truth

Prohibition raises again the question as to what rights do governments have to interfere in the choices their citizens make with regard to what they consume?

On the one hand governments feel it is fine to force increasing numbers of inoculations on children and society at large

On the other they say you may not take or consume this or that substance

So they want it both ways

You may not consume this

But you must consume or take that

Out of control

The nanny state has overstepped what is reasonable

Prohibition is not a solution to any problem

Time to fight both prohibition and enforced vaccination programs

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