Friday, November 13, 2009

Simple evasion

Once every four or five years voters get the chance to vote nationally in most Western countries

This vote on a national level is often preceded or followed by local voting

And for most that is it

Once every four years or so

A choice usually between two virtually indistinguishable parties

One slightly right of center

One slightly left of center

For many voters today neither party is attractive

There is no choice just x or y

Commentators seem surprised that most voters are fed up with this situation

That many refuse to vote

Because that one vote is usually couched in silly terms where both parties make nonsensical promises of heaven on earth

And after the vote?

Politicians then tend to ignore voters until election time comes around again

Paying scant attention except when crises arise

These politicians decide many aspects of our lives
Creating laws
Modifying laws
Implementing laws
Following the dictates of pressure groups and lobbyists
One such area is those who promote Genetically Modified crops

Europeans have said no they do not like this idea in country after country

In every country voters have said no thank you

Voters have expressed their dislike and concern for this over and over

The British government has chosen to ignore voters concerns by telling voters how important it is to use GM seeds bringing out various arguments ranging from increased productivity to lack of food reserves to health of crops

Telling voters that they are safe when no one can know as the subject area is too new for anyone to know the long term effects on man or nature

Why would we worry except that GM crops have mostly failed to produce the claimed benefits in productivity or disease resistance and reduce farmers choice of seed stock even further

Voters are still saying no thank you

The government is determined to proceed anyway

In Britain by law the government had to announce where it was doing trials

Trials were initiated and the crops were then uprooted by people who did not like this idea of trials

Now the Government is going to change the law so that it no longer has to announce where it is doing trials

So what is the point of having votes when the government refuses to listen to what its citizens say or abide by it's own laws?

Lobbyists enjoy ready access to politicians

Laws are changed, the will of the people is ignored

And so it goes on

But when trials go wrong or something is amiss the last to be found are the politicians who changed the laws............... for none are accountable
Yes they will have plenty of weasle words and excuses

While the companies involved merely pay off those affected, if they even bother to do this

Governments are not listening and insist that they know best regarding GM foods and products

Behind them stand lobbyists for the chemical and agribusiness companies

Voters can say all they like lobbies are getting their way

Votes mean little, lobby money does

However surveys and opinion poles do attract politicians interest if only for self survival or the chance to posture

On an individual level it is important to inform yourself and be clear about what you think
After all these modified foods are increasingly what you are buying and eating
Whether or not you know it
And the long term harm they might be doing to you or your children?
No one knows
So yes it is time
To voice discontent with the abuse of the electorate by unaccountable governments

Over time this system has failed the electorate in country after country

New Internet pressure groups are making headway in challenging government and lobby groups

Do you support any?

Should you?

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