Thursday, December 24, 2009


And then more control

Every time you try to do something you are told how to do it

How not to do it

Don't do it now

Do it later

Do it like this

Do it like that

Then the interminable questions

Why are you doing this?

Why are you doing that?

Why are you doing it like that?

Why are you doing it now?

When are you going to do this?

When are you going to do that?

Why are you going there?

For many people this is what they live with

Day in day out

Almost never free of pressure

Never free of control

Never free of critical comments

Never left alone to do things in their own way

In their own time

And yet so many accept this as a way of life

So many accept that this is the way it is

So many have given in to bullying constant criticism and controlling

We can all see this behaviour in others

We have all observed it in others

Yet in our own lives have we accepted control as well?

If we have then consider this

We have given over control of many aspects of our lives to another

And however close that other person we need to reserve unto ourselves the right to take our own actions

More than the right the responsibility to take our own actions

Understand that support is fine

Advice when asked for is also fine

Controlling manipulation is not fine

Nor is bullying

Controlling manipulation is also bullying

And this is not fine as over time we lose an essential feature of human experience

The responsibility for our own decisions and actions

Make sure you are aware of your own behaviour

Are you being controlled?

Are you controlling?

If you are being controlled then ease out of it

Take back your power

For this is what it is

A surrender of our own power

The power to make our own decisions

Take it back giving it to others is not what we are here for

And if it is you doing the controlling

Then time to back off and help the other grow

Enhance their lives encourage them to take decisions

Use your energy for your own life

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