Sunday, December 13, 2009

If we are here but once

Then rape and pillage and do what you will for life has no intelligent reason

Or as the modern Christians would say after this one life we are going to die forever and ever

Going to everlasting heaven or hell judged they believe after this one short life

If you accept this then the idea of peace and goodwill to all mankind sounds pretty stupid and far fetched

Given the greed and callousness rampant around the planet today

If there is any creator or intelligence, then are they really that dumb?

A casual look around you tells your heart that there is more than accident involved in our planet and solar system

Then believe that the intelligences involved had a game plan

And that game plan did not include going to the trouble of creating planet earth and everything in it for humanity to come here for one random life

Nor did it include the silly idea of one life and then heaven or hell for ever and ever amen

Intelligence does not create stupid ideas of this nature

No we are all transients here today gone tomorrow

We then come back to learn more

It is us who have been making this journey together

Life after life

Incarnating together for ages after ages

Living life by the rules of karma and reincarnation

And will go on doing so for many cycles to come

Only once we get this does life make sense

Only when we get this can we see how insane our behaviour to each other is

Were you an Arab in your last life?

The one to come maybe?

And an Israeli in the one after next?

This is why those garbled sayings in the various world religions talk about us all being one

We are in many many ways relatives, brothers and sisters

And look at us behaving like fools

Dividing everything into us and them

My football team

Your country

Your religion

My culture

And so it goes on

If you have travelled then you will have noticed I hope that people everywhere worry about the same things

They want a future for their children

A safe life

Enough to get by with

Notice how we all have more in common than we have differences

Yet to listen to many of our leaders

Those people next door eat their babies and are evil

Go next door and guess what they are being told?

Time to go beyond divisions of this nature and see that we are indeed all one

Through these divisions we are used and abused

Generations going off to kill each other

Next time you hear about your Ministry of Defense

Be honest with yourself it is an organisation dedicated to killing and murder

See and call what it is ................a murder machine

Trying to find the best way of killing as many of "them" as possible

So called "Collateral damage" is murder, how many did we murder today then?

The murdered are people like us just wanting to get through life with self respect and dignity

Only when we call the insanity of war mass murder do we begin to see it for what it is

Murder is murder whether by the state or by you as an individual

And that could well be your relative you are murdering

Your brother in a previous life

No we are not here just this one time

We have all been here over and over

Time we started realizing this

Time we started behaving better towards each other

Start with your own relations towards others please

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