Sunday, December 27, 2009

Morals morality

What is the basis of morals?

This is the most important question that can be asked of any system of thought

Is morality based on the dicta of man?

Is morality based on the conviction in most men's hearts that for human safety it is necessary to have certain abstract rules which it is merly convenient to follow?

Are we mere opportunists?

Or is morality ethics based on truth, which is merely not expedient for man to follow, but necessary?

Surely upon the latter?

Morals is right conduct based on right views, right thinking

On what then is morality based?

And by morality is not meant merely the opinion which some pseudo-philosophers have that morality is more or less that which is good for the community based on the mere meaning
of the Latin word mores "good customs" as opposed to bad


Morality is that instinctive hunger of the human heart to do righteousness

To do good to every man because it is good and satisfying and ennobling to do so

When man realises that he is one with all that is

Inwards and outwards, high and low

That he is one with all not merely as members of a community are one not merely as members of an army are one

But like the molecules of our own flesh like the atoms of the molecule

Like the electrons of the atom, composing one unity not a mere union but a spiritual unity

Then he sees truth

G de Purucker

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