Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Be bold

Not bland

In business and politics today many bosses and leaders are faceless and eminently forgettable

The best defence these faceless leaders can produce lies in the realm of public relations

Not their management or political skills

Through the use of public relations they are helping to defuse public anger at corporate and political excesses

But even here the case is weak because it is clear that not much has changed 

Few people pay any attention to these identikit people who keep popping up to hum their corporate and political tunes about 'doing the right thing' 

In politics so many leaders are more functionary than leader

Few have ideas other than cliches and platitudes

Spouting whatever they are told will win them a few points in the game of public opinion

What else do we have? 

A muted corporate and political media controlled by large organisations devoted to taking the corporate and state dollar

Muting anything that might jeopardize this stream of money and finance

Add them together and it is small wonder we have the mess we have today

Dumbed down

Stupid politically correct lies

Not a bold man in sight

Our times need some ideas

Some ideas about what to do and where to go

Not from this lot

Not a prayer

And yet it is times like these when at least there is the chance of something breaking loose

In more secure times the juggernaut rolls on

Flattening all those that get in it's way

Not for much longer

Too many variables in play

The unexpected will arise

Always does in times of crisis

And yes these times are of crisis

Bland will not suffice

But before bold can lead the log jam of vested interests must be broken

How will this occur?

Not sure yet

We can all feel the cool murmurs of breeze

No storm yet

Lies being found out more and more

Still being spun away

Not for much longer

Boldness will out one day

And in your own life are you bold?

Or do you hum the party line?

"And at the end of all my days I thought I had something more to say"


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