Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hundreds of millions

Of people leading hard lives

Being abused by cynical, selfish, greedy, leaders

Literally hundreds of millions

Some being killed, some starved, and yet more deprived of any rights or respect

Others made to live lives as refugees in appalling conditions such as Darfur in Sudan

How come?


That's how come

All those who abused others

All those who inflicted pain and death on others

All  those who were uncaring and selfish

All those who betrayed their neighbours

All those who reported others for personal gain

Must now in this and lives to come experience what they did to others

Hundreds of millions of people

Look around you

Think about what this means

So many humans have been bad to their fellow humans and must now pay the price

On an individual basis now turning to you and me how is your behaviour?

Are you ethical and moral?

Nature uses karma as a mechanism to ensure harmony

A mechanism that is precise

A mechanism that makes no exceptions


That notes our every action and reaction

That adjusts our experiences to ensure that what we reap what we have sown

Don't believe us?

We cannot nor should we try to prove anything to you 

That is your business

That is your own free will

What we all believe and choose to believe is our own personal individual choice

How you act and behave that is also your own free will

Until you die we cannot prove anything it is your choice what you choose to believe

When we die however we see everything we have done in minute detail

Yes that is all the bad things we have done and the good too

Every single one

Every single one

Then when we next incarnate we do so seeing before us the life we must lead

We all agree to accept this life

We agree to the coming hardships

This includes the understanding that we must experience the exact same pain and horror our actions in our last life inflicted on others

Want to avoid this?

Then grow

Grow in your learning and understanding

Life is short

Do not waste yours please

Make it a better life

One of ethics and morals

Standing up for what is right

Being heard when your contribution could make a difference

Taking the trouble to inform yourself and acting on that knowledge

Only this way can we bring the needed changes to our planet

Only this way can humanity move beyond our current phase of extreme selfishness

Only this way can you personally move beyond

None of us are exempt we all have the same journey

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