Thursday, May 06, 2010


It's not so much that Britain is a bad place to live

It actually isn't, but the way that people are living here isn't right.

It's a half life rather than a full and rewarding one.

It is like people are sleepwalking through life

Not engaged in the major decisions that affect their lives

Life for most of the population is all about just getting by

The country is still beautiful, but getting ever more congested and constrained by walls buildings, hedges and 'keep out' signs

Most people are working five days each week

Then two days off to catch up with domestic things

But it's not really about this that we are writing

It's the way in which life is like sleepwalking for so many

Not involved in anything other than getting by

No firm opinions about anything

Never really thought about life or death

Never really understood how things work

Not bothered really

The famous "They" should do something about it is a perennial feature of British life

The "They" usually referring to government or politicians

Who of course have their own agendas

Comes a time though when the sleepwalking through life becomes uncomfortable

A time like the one we are in now

Little Britain is not unlike other countries

Sleepwalking through life is rapidly fading as an option

Many might not have seen this and rely on being told what to think and do

Sliding through each day watching their seven hours of TV soaps and action films and of course the news or troubles of the day as they might better be called

However the warning signs are all around

Sleepwalking is for the living dead

Those who cannot or will not adapt will go

Sleepwalkers everywhere beware

Sleepwalking through life is becoming more dangerous

Leaving decisions to others be they partners or politicians is not cool

Make your own decisions

Involve yourself in your own life decisions

Those choices affect your life like never before

Choices of vaccinations, GM foods, electronic devices,where to live, what to do

Our lives are ours

However much you might share

Your life is yours

No excuses at the end

You make your life choices

Make wise choices please

Stop sleepwalking through life it's such a waste

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