Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Looking really looking happy

Is not for everyone

Many are unable or even unwilling to be happy

Always serious or glum

Their chosen lifelong demeanour

Imagine choosing to be unhappy for life

Never or seldom happy

Never a good word

So look and see what happens when these people are over forty

Yes over forty plus or minus it all shows

Look at the faces of those over forty

Faces tell us so much even if the owner has had plastic surgery

The happy face shows the life lived

The deceitful also shows this life choice just as clearly

Those choosing misery also show this clearly on their faces

Did you notice this?

Did you take it in?

All those lines tell a story

Reading faces is a skill

Really really notice peoples faces

The face tells so much about it's owner real traits

'Tricky Dicky' shows his deceit

As does 'miserable Sam'

All of us show the lives we have lived

Miserable, happy it all shows after forty

Then look at the eyes

The eyes that cannot look at you

The eyes that are continually shifting

Tired eyes

Bloodshot eyes

"Misty eyes"

Shiny eyes

So much can be seen when we learn how to look

The world looks at you most days

What does it see?


Or have you got in the habit of hiding your feelings

Hiding your happy maybe

People respond to happy

People like to be with happy people

Make the effort to show your happy face please

Make it a habit even

Your face tells so much about you

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