Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last one standing

You lived longer

One by one the people you knew died



One by one they went

Might seem like something we should not talk about

Why not it will happen

All of us die

The difference is how we approach death

Nobody talks about this

Nobody in polite circles talks about getting older and death

Why not?


Modern Christian teaching is not helpful

Heaven or hell for ever and ever

Childish and manipulative idea

Put your money in the box and we will absolve you from your sins

Might have sufficed in times gone by

Does not do it today

Ever and ever?

What do you mean a million a billion a trillion years doing what?


What is that sitting around with relatives you could not stand for Christmas let alone ever and ever

And at what age will we be in heaven with our loved ones?

When your mother was young or when she was old and infirm?

Or maybe the fashionable total end to everything when we die

Big black hole

Nothing after this life, just the end of everything

A lazy man's idea of death

Lazy because there is overwhelming evidence for something more

So in polite society we do not talk about death

Easier to ignore

We can all ignore it until we find ourselves getting older

Then as friends start to die we feel pressure

Hidden thoughts of death

And because we have not given the subject any thought it is frightening

And the fear grows and grows

When the next thing in your life is death

You know fear

Unless of course you understand that death is a transition

A transition to something more congenial than life for many

Hell is here and now not some place in the sky

Heaven or devachan is a state of being

A state where our higher self is our reality

So before you find yourself the last one standing find out what death is for you

Should your view be negative or frightening then check out the ancient or perennial wisdom

This contains the truth about where we go and how it works

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