Friday, February 05, 2010

What could they leave us?

Our older people what could they teach us?

What could they leave us?

Not much seeing how we treat them

We are smarter

We know more

The old people do not get it

They are from another era

They are slow

They repeat themselves

They have old values

They care about family

And family values

And yes these are valid remarks

But wait a minute

What can we say about ourselves?

A little bit selfish maybe?

Self Centered even

Believe that working a blackberry somehow denotes intelligence

Having an iPhone is important?

Buying designer rubbish is a mark of getting it?

Devoting all one's energies to material pursuits is in some way a smart or admirable endeavour?

Well wait a minute on that comment

Both generations are easy to make simple generalisations about 

Both groups have their pluses and minuses

Here's another take

Any generation that does not listen to or take advantage of what the previous one has learnt is in trouble

If for no other reason that each generation has something new to add to our knowledge

Even if that something new is merely a new understanding of old knowledge

Our current generation feels itself so clever with it's technology

But is only just beginning to wonder why it is not happy or fulfilled

Why it is perpetually stressed out

Why happiness seems so elusive

Older generations might not get it

Older generations many of them certainly knew better how to handle stress

Many also understood that left brain development without a parallel right brain development is dangerous

We neglect our soul or higher brain evolution at our peril

There is nothing smart about being technologically advanced and spiritually immature or backward

And that as a race is where we are

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