Saturday, March 06, 2010

2010 as it goes

Going like a train already

Only a month or so into the new year and already 2009 is sooooo distant

Like 2009 did not really happen, lost in the baggage of history

Take note of how little stays with us in our minds today

Less and less as the demands of everyday life press remorselessly upon us

Demands that are changing

Obliging us to pay attention

Notice that you cannot do so many things in any given day

Before you might have done ten now it is five, if you are lucky

Time is different

Yes all the usual things are around us

However what is changing fast is what we can handle

On any given day we cannot do so many things

Notice how busy you are

Notice how you text and email, telephone and talk and rush from a to b

And at the end of the day what has been achieved?

Fast changing times indeed

Times where silently unobserved we are learning to let go

Letting go of those things not critical to our well being

Each and everyone is making choices to let go

Each and everyone of us is changing

In such a fast paced world we can no longer hold on to those things we used to do before

There is no time

We cannot make the time for all those things we used to do

We simply cannot fit it all in

So without being very conscious we are letting things go prioritizing as some might call it

It's a little more than that

Before it was certain business or social things we prioritized

Now it is our lives

Our beliefs

Our values

Our energy usage

Our thoughts

Ever thought that you do not get involved because the energy usage is not acceptable

Not because you do not care but because you cannot or will not give that energy to it

This goes for all the other things in your life as well

Your beliefs you don't challenge them it takes an unacceptable amount of energy

Likewise your values

And then along comes global warming

And 99% buy into it


Not because we believe or disbelieve but because we think it is easier to let them tell us what is true and what is not

Only problem was with global warming............ they were not telling the truth

That swine flu global WHO approved pandemic ..........they were not telling the truth

MMR and all multiple vacinations............they are not telling the truth

So it comes that you must stop letting others think for you

The stakes are too high

Where some issue comes along that affect our well being or even our very existence

No you cannot delegate

It is this that is coming into focus as a major issue

We are beginning to see that "they" do not have the answers

In fact there is no they only us

Our times are producing ever more specialists who know a lot about a little and less and less generalists who know quite a lot about the broad shape of things

Endless committees of specialists or experts cannot and do not have the ability to pronounce on the myriad subjects they pontificate on today

Our issues need more people who can think outside the box of conventional wisdom

Do you have the energy to challenge conventional thought?

Planet Earth needs people who can see the hologram and not just the pieces

We are at the end of this era where we can reduce everything to it's component parts and expect to understand what it all means

Reductionism is fine in it's place but not when it pretends to have answers to everything

It does not and that is what we need to accept

We cannot save our planet or ourselves until we learn to use our right brains our intuitive abilities

To stop trying to relate everything to what we already know through endless analysis and reductionism

It is this that makes these times so interesting

We cannot get where we need to go through committees

And as individuals we need to think in new ways

More holistically

Starting from the overall picture and working down to the details

Not from the details and then trying to understand the whole

In your own life try to back off and look at the bigger picture

Why are you here?

What are you doing with your life?

What is life for?

Mmmmm 2010 is a very interesting year already


Alexandra said...

wow, I had my computer read this out loud to me...couse I wanted to do some other things at the same time.....well, first I thought how cool is computer reads and even does it well....then I had to sit down to listen, because it is such a cool blog again. I feel home with you and loved and cared for!

Few people give this, many react to being loved which is nice too, yet ones in a while it feels just good TO BE LOVED....

Antony said...

Being open to love helps too!