Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Great day

We have just arrived in Moscow and people have started to contact us

One lady from the town of Rostov, about a thousand kilometres south of Moscow, who we have never met called us

She spoke with Liuba and told us how she is coming back from her incurable situation

Three years ago she had been told by her doctors that they could do nothing more for her and that her situation was incurable

She had been determined to fight and find a way and had been searching desperately when someone had told her about us and what we do

Anyway late last year she managed to contact Liuba in London

Liuba talked with her and after hearing her story agreed to help her

We did distance work on her

Now several months later she called us in Moscow and said that she had been unable to get through to us in London for whatever reason and wanted to share her news

She is now able to do things for herself again that were impossible a few short months ago and is sure that this spring she will be able to physically move outside for herself from her apartment where she has been confined for the last three years

She is coming back from her terrible situation

Something that western medicine had told her was impossible

Her doctors today cannot believe her progress and have nothing to say

And so why are we writing this?

For a couple of reasons

One because writing a blog only allows us to hint at what is possible and so sharing a story about one of our actual cases will hopefully allow you to understand that all of us can go down this same path

It is an amazing yet sad experience to be able to do things that western medicine says are impossible, because it means that the door is shut for so many people

And two because we want to share part of this story with you

When she called us the first time we asked her why she wanted to live

She told us because she loved people and wanted to be healthier so that she could help others

This reply helped us understand that she had a chance to heal whatever the doctors had told her to the contrary because we know that nature supports those who truly want to contribute

It meant that she trusted us with an open heart and this made what we do more powerful and effective

A major part of what we do is sending love to those who ask for help

Sending love?


We use love in the sense that we are able to find compassion for all who come to us, well most

From this starting point we can focus the energy of that compassion into an actual energy beam of love onto the person we are helping

This when received by one with an open heart supports the strengthening of their immune system

We can also direct specific energy to affected parts to help heal them

We talk with them so that they can understand better what has gone wrong in their lives and what we are going to do with them to redress the situation

This coupled to various simple physical and mental exercises that we ask people to do can and does produce enormous changes in the person

As it is today with this person in Rostov

For us this a mega reward that another human is healing herself with our support

For us this is what we are here for

This is what we are about

And if in the sharing of this story it gives you some more understanding about what humans are capable of then that's pretty neat

Try to imagine that your own journey can take you to where your own contribution to others is equally fulfilling

There is no feeling like the one we felt yesterday when we heard her news

Today most humans are sleepwalking through life

Make sure you are not one of them please

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Alexandra said...

very very special! thank you and much love