Friday, March 12, 2010

Where now?

Humanity stands at a crossroads

We either get our s**t together or we destroy our planet and ourselves

Talks about religion are one thing

Descending into chaos and oblivion quite another

"The shifting of thought is the paramount healer of mankind"

Not my words but those of a Master

"Consciousness is the slowest thing to move in humans"

Again not my words but those of Gautama Buddha

And I think we can all agree that these Masters can see and know more than we do

So in what way do we need to shift our consciousness?

Let me give you some more straight observations by those who know

Man has accepted the center of the creative impulse as his ego

..............and the action of the ego absorbs all tensions

Thus instead of a cosmic action there results a focus of egotism

The creativeness of Cosmos evokes cooperation

The creativeness of Cosmos evokes striving to the far off worlds

The focal point of the ego, rejecting all ordinances of Cosmos, generates causes which affirm the manifestation of isolation

Cosmos attracts dates which are identical with the direction of the Cosmic Magnet

The core of the ego proceeds in isolation

The creativeness of Cosmos manifests boundless cooperation

The attainment of a spiritual step can direct humanity to the source of truth

Only by way of tension and by way of striving may one progress toward evolution

The visible world brings to humanity a concept of the invisible one

and the creativeness of spirit can direct towards cognizance of the invisible

And what you might ask does this mean?

Essentially man is chuntering down the road to oblivion

When the ego is the center of our thoughts and actions it puts us on a downward spiral to extinction

Opening our hearts to our our world and its needs on the other hand can lead us out of trouble

For we are the guardians of our planet

Ever thought of that?

As the only self-reflective consciousness on planet earth it is our duty and job to look after the place

Bluntly put we are responsible

The buck stops with us

We can hardly ask the elephants to do it for us can we?

Yet we behave as if our resources are infinite and the destruction of habitat and environment are just  a shrug of the shoulders

So the above is giving us a clue, no more than that it is saying what we have to do

Drop the ego

Focus on what our hearts tell us we need to do

And do it

Right now that I have said that what are you doing with your ego?

Are you pursuing ever more things, toys, distractions?

Are you enamoured of materialism?

Are you making a contribution?

Are you stuck in your ego?

Then open your heart

Learn to think of others

Get involved

Give a present to everyone you meet, yes everyone, for the rest of your life

The present can be a word, a gesture whatever

Step out of your ego think about that other human what does she need

That woman about to serve me what can I give her?

What would be nice to share?

Do it

With everyone

This will be a first step out of ego

Considering others

Thinking about their needs

Acting upon that thought

Do it

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