Monday, April 26, 2010

More from WQJ

Taken from the writings of WQJ and which might seem a bit quaint or unreal to modern readers however this is how it really works

"When man faces his destiny in full consciousness of the issues involved,

as he must before the final decision is reached, he will be no longer unconscious of these influences,

but will recognise his companions, alas! no longer companions, his masters now,

inhuman pitless, and the same law of attraction which has lead him along the tortuous path,

unveils its face, and by affinity of evil, the slave stands in the presence of his master,

and the fiends that have all along incited him to laugh at the miseries of his fellow men,

and trample under his feet every kind of kindly impulse, every tender sympathy,

now make the measureless hells within his own soul resound with their laughter at him,

the poor deluded fool whose selfish pride and ambition have stifled and at last obliterated his humanity"

This text states clearly that all of us have choices and those who choose the apparently easy selfish way of using and abusing others for material and personal gain will in the end find that there is no way out no way back

All must pay and as it is said "by their works ye shall know them"

Selfishness, pride and lust for power are the signs by which we may know them

Our world is full of ambitious users who deceive the ignorant, the curious, the unwary

The art of modern spin is to convince that no such dangers exist, this story being strengthened by scientists and other so called experts who are quoted as authorities

Ridiculing everything but rank materialism

Yes those who choose evil as their road

Can advance quickly using and abusing others

Comes a time though when suddenly they realise that they are alone with their paranoia

The music stops and they are alone

Alone with the lies

Alone with their fears

Then comes the day of reckoning and this might well be after they die and have to review their worthless lives

Selling your soul might have seemed a small price to pay in their pursuit of money, fame and power

No way out you must pay and in the end your soul disolved

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