Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sorry but

You do have to pay
No one walks out of life without paying
So if you are in good health then protect this

Not by taking ever more pills

Not by measuring your blood pressure every five minutes

Not by paranoid worrying

All of the above will hasten the onset of bad health

Rather by seeing the good around you

If there isn't any then you be the one to put it there

So often we do not play our part in making the places we visit or spend time in better more pleasant places

Make the places of your life more pleasant



New picture or poster

How many of the places you spend time in have you changed for the better recently?

Often we do not realise how much we contribute to sadness around us

To our own sadness no less

Make the places you spend time more pleasant and fun to be in

So that you feel good spending time in them

For sure this will help you feeling good

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