Sunday, May 09, 2010

2X2 multiplication

Used to be something that we did in our heads

A simple calculation learned early on in school

Today children still learn 2X2, however they quickly move on to using computers

Once out of school few will feel comfortable doing even simple sums in their heads

Why should they when mobile phones, computers and calculators do that work for them

How many cashiers can add or work out simple sums today?

Few and why should they when their machines do it for them

And the point of this?

Our brains and how we use them are changing

We used to retain knowledge, write it down even

We used to pride ourselves in storing knowledge

Today we do not write much and tend to look everything up on some kind of computer

Our brains are learning how better to find things

Learning to network

Not so much to store things

Not so much to retain things

Many are venturing into areas they have never been in before

The Internet makes this easy

Many are saying no thank you and going into virtual worlds

Game play, virtual anything from porno to virtual flower growing or pet tending

Our brains dart endlessly from one shallow exchange to another

Endlessly occupied

Seldom at rest

Our brains are used all day long to arrange and manipulate what we need to do

Then put on slow motion while we watch hours and hours of tv or video disks

Or if we are younger hours and hours of game play

Where does this take us?

More imbalance

More left brain usage

Less right brain

Wrong way

Too much left brain leads to health problems be they physical, mental, or emotional

Look around you

More people than ever before taking pills

Taking drugs

Anything to bring a little peace or calm into their lives

A big con because around middle age you realise it does not work

Things begin to go wrong and to breakdown

What should you do?

Find a better balance between the two hemispheres

Learn to slow down naturally

Learn not to think at all during periods of each day

Learn to make contact with your heart

Have fun without thinking

Enjoy relaxing learn to go slow

Eat slower

Walk slower

Breath deeper

Look with fresh eyes

Feel free of stress, push it away

Relate to others more

Help someone

Laugh fifteen times a day

Smile openly

Be open to the world and others

And that's just for starters

Life can be so much more fulfilling if you become more conscious

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