Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Coconut oil

New Study Shows Coconut Oil Protects Against Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Obesity
A new study published in the scientific journal Lipids demonstrates that coconut oil consumption raises HDL (good) cholesterol, lowers the cholesterol ratio (reducing risk of heart disease), improves blood sugar levels, decreases risk of diabetes, decreases body fat, reduces abdominal circumference, and can aid in fighting overweight and obesity.

A number of previous studies, mostly using fractionated coconut oil (i.e. medium chain triglyceride oil) have demonstrated similar results.
This study, however, measured the effects of various health parameters using ordinary coconut oil.
One of the criticisms skeptics have used to refute the claims for the health benefits of coconut oil is that the majority of the studies didn’t directly test coconut oil but tested fractionated coconut oil, which is also known as MCT oil.
Natural coconut oil contains a total of 10 fatty acids, 63 percent of which are medium or short chain fatty acids.
MCT oil, on the other hand, consists primarily of only two medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs).
When MCT oil is produced, coconut oil is fractionated or divided into the different fatty acids.
All but two, caprylic and capric acids, are removed.
Ironically, when MCT oil is produced, the most important MCFA, lauric acid, is removed.
Even without lauric acid, MCT oil has shown to have many health benefits.
Anti-saturated fat proponents have claimed that the benefits produced by MCT oil cannot be equated with coconut oil.
They acknowledge that the two MCFAs in MCT oil may have health benefits, but that coconut oil, consisting of 10 fatty acids, would not have the same benefits.
This study disproves their claim.
This study verifies previous studies that indicated that coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties.
This is an important issue because coconut oil critics claim, with little justification, that saturated fats promote inflammation.
This study demonstrates just the opposite.
Once more, it also demonstrates that coconut oil consumption does not promote heart disease and improves cholesterol values.
It provides evidence that coconut oil is heart healthy and should be used to fight off heart disease.
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