Monday, May 31, 2010

Why does this keep happening?

To me.............
Could be you keep making the same mistake
So often people do not realise that their misfortune is no accident

In fact very little in our lives is accidental

We like to think it is an accident so that we do not have to learn

We prefer to ignore those things we do not want to change

Like they might just go away

No, nature is not brushed off that easily

If you keep having the same problems then time to wise up

The problem is there to teach you a lesson

Each life we have one or two major lessons to learn

Learn them you move on

Resist or try to ignore them then fine they will just keep repeating until you do

Not in this life maybe, nature is in no hurry you will have to come back and do it all over again

Ever wondered why some people seem to have so many problems?

Why some are for ever struggling with the same issues?

Be conscious

Become more conscious

Don't just keep falling down

See the patterns

Notice what keeps happening to you

Stop and consider what is going on here?

What can I do differently?

Don't be like the rock star who keeps marrying the same type of blond woman

Then a few years later divorce and the inevitable house, car and money

As he said he might as well walk out in the street find someone he does not like and give them the house, car and money

Pity he has not thought that maybe just maybe it is him

Him who needs to change not the blond she is what she is

Become more conscious please

Accidents are in truth few and far between

Our karma brings us what we need to learn our lessons

Rich or poor it makes no difference to nature

We will be confronted by what we need in order for us to learn

So be aware when the same things happen over and over

Or when accidents seem to keep coming your way

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