Sunday, October 03, 2010

Fantasy time

Many British women are bored according to some recent research

And their top points of boredom are


Lack of social life


Lack of holidays



Depressing news

Eating the same things all the time

The house


And then these are the things that they wish they could do
Go to an airport and get the next available flight to anywhere


Tell people what they really think of them

Hand in their notice without another job to go to

Have a dramatic hair cut

Put the house up for sale and buy a new one

Try something new in the bedroom

Go back to school

Book in for a boob job

Sing in public

Were these women representative of the greater British sisterhood, I suspect not, although we are told that two thirds of British women feel this way?

Did none of them think that they are free to change their lives?

Did they really believe that by going 'over there' instead of being 'over here' life would suddenly magically become a dream state?

Presumably they feel trapped and feel that they cannot change their lives

Women in most of the world would love to have the (relative) security that these British women have

A different body of research found that most British women today

Cannot cook

Cannot sew

Cannot darn

Cannot knit

Have a clue about what is under the bonnet of their cars

Change a car tire

Speak another language

Grow anything

Fix simple wiring faults

Make bread

Make butter

Prepare and preserve foods such as jams, potatoes, mushrooms etc

I will not go on however it seems that something sticks out here

Can it be that our modern life is leading us into a state where we are 'conveniencing' ourselves to death?

Most young British women today have no idea what life is like without a car, microwave, washing machine, cooker, hot water, heating, electricity, holidays and the rest

For these young women the idea of travel is number one on their list

To go where?

To do what?

A romantic adventure perhaps?

And when the music stops what then?

The antidote to boredom is not out there somewhere

Although to be fair a good portion of the world's 'uber rich' spend much of their time endlessly circling the globe from one 'can't-miss' event to another

Ask them how happy they are

It is then quickly observable that endless movement does not do it

They are not the happiest people on the planet!

The constant travel and movement just dulls the senses a bit


Keeps them busy

And it does not address why you are bored

Yes the routines are there

Any animal has routines, look around you

However removing the ones you have merely exchanges one set for another

The answer is not singing in the wind

The answer is not out there somewhere

It is inside you

It is as the ancients knew something inside you

Try looking at yourself

Try changing your perceptions

Your values

Your thinking

Yes we are heading for very interesting times when the portion of womanhood who have all the conveniences are bored and the rest can only dream of such luxury

It is not as if previous civilisations have not been here before

There is ample evidence that previous humanity understood that the answers to a full and rich life are to be found inside us through internal work and introspection

My best wishes to these young women and may they get their travel to 'anywhere' and hopefully beyond that find and create rich and rewarding lives for themselves 
Somehow I rather doubt it

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