Friday, June 11, 2010

Modern life for women

Not so funny really

We can look back and see how their mother's had harder lives in many ways

Difficult divorce or no divorce possible

Stuck at home with no choice or chance to work outside the house

Few job or career opportunities

Little or no financial freedom

Few legal protections

Further back men could do what they wanted with their wives

Yes all that was true and more

And yet and yet what do we have today?

For most women in the modern world

A job is necessary

Children have become more and more demanding, maybe not the children themselves but certainly what is expected for their lives and healthy growing

Husbands and partners tired, working long days often with long commutes

Commutes often for the wife too

If not commuting then in and around picking up children from whatever activity they have been doing

Weekends to catch up on things that always need doing

Tired just tired all the time

The pace of modern life never letting up

Time just flashing by relentlessly, unceasing

No time for family

Little time for friends

Just a treadmill

An endless treadmill of jobs and things to do

And behind it all fear and stress

Fear of failure

Fear of loss

Fear of the future

And this is life?

Place all of this in the context of a greedy, dumb, materialistic world

A world gone mad destroying marine life, polluting the environment, pretending itself intelligent

And we can have a feeling of personal powerlessness

Futility abounds, a feeling of depression

Yes this sounds about right

Modern woman please lift your head

You are involved here, the future of our planet is too important to be left to men

See clearly that there is no them

Only us

Change can only come when we all decide to act

All of us men and women

And this only comes about when we change

Change our perception of life that is and of ourselves

To change our societies we need to have a vision of what we want

We cannot complain if we have no ideas as to what we really do want

First the vision

Then the execution

Do you have a vision?

Man or woman reading this what is your vision?

Your complaints sound empty if you have not even thought about what you would like to see come about

Now can you tell me what you do want?

Change your perceptions

Start to think about what would you want from life?

If I gave you anything you wanted what would it be?

A nicer fairer world

We can all buy into that

Now see that allowing ourselves to slide down into depression is too easy

Let us be clear in ourselves what we are here for

Then what we would like to see in this world

Then our involvement to help bring this about

First in our own lives

Then into that of others

Modern woman has a crucial role in helping us create a nicer fairer world


Anonymous said...

funny, as yesterday I was with someone, a lady, with a "perfect life". Chief-surgeon haby, bmw, porsche phone, ( quite a cool phone you know :)) and..... she wanted something real, not to be bought...and on top of it from her husband. Perfect life and perfect depression.

To help other, not yet in her repertoire, so I just told her, that the "truth" is not outside and she has to go for it inside. Just similar to what you said today.

And I had so much fun teasing her about her phone. So many so much less fortunate then her, then I, certainly no porsche phone :)!
she will work with me in a little shoe shop once in a while, as she has such a big smile....maybe that will bring out her power a bit, oh and mind you, for 8€ an hour. Will that help, will she take her life into her hands? She has the stuff to contribute and the education to help people with speech-disorders.

we will see and depression is not an option!

Anonymous said...

I support t women of the world
( at least some of them ) who will save the planet " pacha mama ", mother earth. Yes, guess what ? it's a female : mama. Where are the mamas ?

have a nice day, all
n maybe think ( a bit shoeshop-like ;-)onez in a while