Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Never say never

We all say never

Often without thought for how we are setting a train of events in motion

That thought form has energy

Energy that can harm

Energy that can heal

Some might doubt

But then let them answer how women and some men know when they are being stared at

What is happening?

A thought form is what is happening

A thought form carrying energy

An energy that is focused

The woman feels this energy

Often she will turn and look back

So take this concept and understand that all your thoughts have energy

And where this thought is negative it will create karma

One day that negative energy will come back on you

Don't like that idea?

Then control those thoughts

Wandered away a bit from the word never which I started out with today

Coming back to it never as a concept has energy

By thinking or saying this you are creating an energy blockade against whatever it is becoming possible

So never say never even if it seems impossible at the time

For by saying this you are surely making it more unlikely

Just cut out never

Say not now or unlikely or have not done so thus far or any other wording you want

Just leave the door open for the possibility of change

Never say never

And take on board that your thought forms all have energy

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Alexandra said...

I just love your blogs!!!!! The make me feel more free and more alive and just better!!!!

Thank you!!!!