Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Om and the rest

Om can be spelt many ways and is the Buddhist equivalent of the Christian Amen
The Indian way or writing it is shown above
Om or aum said with sincerity
Pronounced correctly
Still has power
However it is a mark of the times that so many invoke religious symbols and signs for trite purposes
Ever noticed football players running onto the pitch crossing themselves?
Can they seriously believe that any God is interested in supporting them in a game of football?
That he might even care or support their particular football team?
That he has any interest in their own performance?
Then we can go up a level of nonsense and notice how the Italian, German and Allied armies would invoke the support of the Christian God for their just cause during the second world war
Excuse me a 'just' war, just cause?
And so it goes on
My point?
Time to back off and consider how insulting and ridiculous some of these behaviours are
How far have we come in our rituals and unthinking behaviour?
That various Gods are invoked for everything from opening a factory to asking for money

But wait a minute isn't this what they are supposed to have done thousands of years ago?

Our primitive ancestors that is

Those ignorant superstitious ignorant ancestors

Are we really that simple or silly ourselves?

Have we not worked it out yet

Religion and religious rituals are for the simple minded

Are we still so simple minded that we will not even discuss these things?

Or could it be that there is something to it?

Could it be that with proper respect requests for help are answered?

What do you think?

For ourselves we know that with respect support is indeed given

Not for ourselves mind you that is a no no

When helping others provided their karma is also OK then often help is given

Clearly beyond doubt

But then that is us

And who do you ask for help?

And how do you do that?

Or is it all a load of rubbish?

Maybe there are things you have not looked at because 'everybody knows'

Knows what?

Do you really believe that?

There are amazing things to be learnt about this world beyond Hollywood make believe

Beyond belief some of them

Quite literally beyond belief

Find out for yourself

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