Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sport dreams

Max Biaggi rides motorbikes for Aprilia in the World Superbike Championship

He has been World champion several times in the former 250cc class of Moto GP

Recently in an interview with an American organisation he was asked why a particular motorbike manufacturer Ducati was not doing well so far this year

He said

"Maybe (Ducati) think about, someone thinking, or other things. I don't know.

Only money, or I don't know, or career in some point, or I don't know.

But the dream must be the focus number one for your goal, for your life.

The goal and dream for you to strive for.

In racing your dream has to be your motivation"

The interesting line for me is the last one

"In racing your dream has to be your motivation"

In life as well your dream has to be your motivation

If you are aiming for an exceptional goal that is

A dream to own a house might be fine for many

A dream to attain a good position for others

Ambition is in our modern world considered to be fine and admirable

In spiritual thinking not so ambition is considered a bad thing

Because so often ambition leads to poor behaviour

Leads to lies, deceit, ruthlessness

Not admirable qualities

And a dream where does that fit?

In the context I am thinking of its fine because the pursuit of a dream is subtly different from ambition

Ambition is at all costs whatever it takes, murder, violence, lies, deceit all are fair game to those with ambition

Dream is an objective we wish to attain

Dream is something we are pulled towards

Something that is with us all the time

We might pursue it at the expense of all other things in our life

Moral and ethical behaviour is often part of our dream

Ambition to often overrules other considerations

Dreams often rule out unreasonable behaviour

In sport the dream is to be champion

It is with you all the time

We can notice how for some it overrides the dream and becomes ambition and winning at all costs

In all sports there are those for whom ambiton overrides a dream

Can you see the difference?

Look at sportsmen and women and see how they are

Is there a real distinction?

Difficult because it can be so subtle

Do you have dreams or are they ambitions?

We say yes there is a difference

Maybe that's one reason we watch sports to see the nice one's win and the ruthlessly ambitious get beaten

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Anonymous said...

it is a great thing to have a dream and also to be in the middle of ones dream. And it still remains a dream, even "living it", as if it is a real dream, one has to work on it all the time, because in what I am experiencing, as soon as I think I hold it in my hands, it becomes material and is not there any longer.
And still, the dream is real !