Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Why did I say that?

Just slipped out of my mouth

For some that is what happens and goes on happening

For most of us we have experienced saying the wrong thing at the wrong time

Then we go on to learn how to suppress

How to be politically correct

Whole industries built on suppression

Government laws forbidding that we say certain things

Learning not to be racist is fine

Learning not to put each other down is also fine

Learning not to abuse

And yet we have come to a point where it is becoming counter productive

No one can say what they want any longer without careful thought as to which groups they might upset

As to how it might come back on them and hurt them in the future


Increasingly dishonest sanitized talk everywhere

Only in private can one critique

And even then you need to make sure nobody is recording what you are saying

Speech is descending into the art of saying nothing

Personally it feels like time to push back

To say what you mean

To say it clearly

If you do not have the courage to say what you mean then probably you should keep quiet

So many times we say something we do not really mean

Do you say what you mean?

If not why not?

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