Sunday, July 11, 2010

More on addiction

How hard for an addict to come off his addiction

How hard to know what really started him down that road in the first place

So often lost in the mist of years gone by

Finding causes is one of the major ways to release and let go of the symptoms

True causes that is and if these can be found the addiction can be overcome

Otherwise the addict tends to be in an oscillating pattern

Take an alcoholic - drink, drink the quantity and frequency increasing

Until he feels that he must stop or seek help

A dry out cure then the desire increases again....... just one drink

Off he goes again and the pattern repeats itself

Even when it is clear that he is doing himself great harm many are unable to stop

That cause?

That initial starting point for the addiction what was it?

What was it?

Abusive father


Never feeling good enough

A covering for a failure

Rejection or perceived failure often started the addict taking that first step into addiction

Find that initial condition and you have a chance to help

Treat the symptoms alone and success is unlikely

Addiction is a terrible condition

Whatever the form and there are oh so many forms of addiction

Look around you, how many people you know are addicted?

Bet there are some

Do they even know it?

Might be caffeine

Might be coke, yes either kind

Might be pain

Might be sex

Oh so many forms

Addiction is not good as it blunts our perceptions

It damages our immune system, which over time will break

It changes life in so many ways the addict always needing that next shot or fix

Life focuses on the altered state offered by the substance

Helping an addict is only possible when he or she asks for help

Until then they will not make any effort to change

Happy in the oblivion of their addiction

Stay off addiction it is a very tough road to come back from

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