Saturday, August 21, 2010

Child safety

Safety is an important subject and never more so than when talking about young children

Young children should not be left alone period

And by young children we are talking about those up to 10 years old

This is no magic age and some are obviously more responsible than others

It is an idea as to when the young boy or girl should have some common sense and be able to behave reasonably

Before anyone writes in let's say use common sense and know your child

We hear of so many situations where children are left alone and get into trouble

Most of us when hearing about these situations say how on earth can parents leave their children alone?

And they do

Please understand that the danger is not when they are behaving normally

Not when things are normal

It is when they are not behaving normally that things go wrong

It is when the unexpected occurs that children are at risk

Parents please plan for the unexpected

Consider what would happen if your children have to face danger alone

Are they able?

Is it fair to put them in this possible situation?

Could you live with yourself if you did?

Enough of selfishness or thoughtlessness

Protect your children

Do not leave your children alone
We are airing this at the request of a young couple whose child nearly died as the result of thoughtlessness

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