Saturday, October 09, 2010


What do you do to make a living?

Well I work for a Public Relations company

What does that mean

It means that we work for people who want us to change things

Things they do not want people to understand

Why would they want that?

Well often companies do things that are not so nice so they get us to make them look better

What kind of things?

Well for example many major food companies do not want people to know how healthy their food products are

So what did they do?

They hired us to help persuade European Law makers that they should not accept a proposal that would have made it easy for Mummy to understand the quality of the food she buys

Isn't that bad?


So why do they do that?

Don't they have children?


But don't they care for their children?

No they only care about money

Do you like doing this job?


But then why do you do it?

So that I can make money to look after you and mummy

But then how does mummy know what she is buying?

She can't

So daddy why do you do this then?

Because if I do not do this then someone else will

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