Friday, October 29, 2010

Hidden people

People overvalue their knowledge and underestimate the probability of their being wrong

Most also feel they are better than other people

Feel they are superior even

Does not seem to compute does it?

We cannot all be better than others

Some of us have to be worse

So why do people in spite of very clear evidence to the contrary believe this to be so?




We can all see people who harbour illusions about themselves and we all know some

Less obvious are those whose perceptions are unreal

It is less easy to see because they will not always share or indicate how they see themselves to be superior

And then where does the fear aspect come from?

The cause of so much is down there hidden deep inside

The fear that we are nothing

No one

Feeling that really deep deep down we are not good enough

A horrible feeling that we count for nothing

Often we have been put down by parents

Told we are nothing

Nothing special about us at all

Then school reinforces this we are just one of many

Just one of a class full of students

Going out into the big wide world again shows us to be nothing

Just one of the crowd

No one cares about us, just us on our own

And if we feel this from early on then do we wonder that some of us hide in a make believe world?

A  world where we can be better than others

Count for something

Be 'someone'

No harm in this surely if it is kept private?

Sadly yes

Yes because it can make relationships and work situations difficult

But then again some get away with bullshitting their way through life

Most come unstuck at some point though even if we never see or hear about it

For those who use pretence and lies as a career strategy imagine the cumulative stress build up

Fine while you are young but it gets tough later though

All of this is just how it is, or is it?

Sadly those who go down this road to a greater or lesser degree missed the point

And the point is that we are here in this life to learn

We have all got more in common with each other than we have differences

Our society exists on pointing out differences

Differences about everything from age, to hair, to possessions, to language, to nationality, religion, politics

Everything is different

Until you stop to think

Then we can see that a lot of it is rubbish

A lot is used to manipulate us

Use us

Our similarities are so much more than any differences

Artificial differences

Differences used to exploit our fears

Yes those hidden fears of not being good enough


That our fear of being nothing or nobody is an illusion

We are all on the same journey whatever anyone says

We all share the same or similar fears

Rich or poor young or old

Black or white it does not matter

Whatever our life situation we all have the same chance to grow

Yes it might be more difficult

This is not the point because the real point is we have a chance

A chance to transcend whatever situation life put us in

Hiding and secretly believing yourself to be better is not a good strategy

Because it leaves out nature which knows exactly what you are

No hiding from nature

Nature will not allow you to hide indefinitely

So do not be a hidden person

Be clear with the world

Be clean

Be who you are warts and all

Understanding that we all have issues

All of us

And besides what is success anyway?

Success is not your money or power

It is how you use whatever nature gave you

How you transcend your problems

How you help others

How you have moved beyond selfish desires

Have you?

Where are you?


Anonymous said...

I love your blog!!!! It makes me feel good and real and home.


Anonymous said...

some depends on the frequency, u turn in...

blue skies