Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life is not fair

Oh yes it is

From a karmic standpoint it is just fine

It might mean that you have terrible circumstances

You might well have one problem after another

You might hate life

You might hate yourself

You might hate your job

You might be ugly

Your body might be a terrible shape

You might not be smart

And we could go on for ever

Ever stopped to think and reflect that just maybe this is the way it is meant to be?

Ever thought that you life is perfect and all these issues are just fine

Just fine that is to teach you the lessons you came here to learn in this life

Life is not a playground

It might be for a while but there are serious reasons why we incarnate

We are here to learn and grow

Unfortunately for us this can often only be done through painful experiences

Before incarnating you agreed to incarnate

You agreed as to what you would be trying to learn

You signed off and agreed

Maybe you want to stamp your feet and say again life is not fair

Oh yes it is

Look at it this way if you fail dismally then you will just have to keep going through the same experiences until you do get it

Don't believe me then why do you think the same things keep happening?

Better by far to try to understand what it is you are meant to learn so that you can finish with it and move on

Oh and the negative karma you create that all has to be paid for one day

This can often be why we find ourselves in the s**t,  we are paying our karmic debts

And those relationships that are so painful often these too are unfinished business from previous lives

When you begin to make sense of it all you will find that it is amazingly fair

When that happens you can take the bad stuff because for the firs time you now understand why all that stuff is happening to you

When we understand why and realise how fair it is then life becomes much more pleasant

It allows us to let go of blaming everyone and everything for our misfortunes

Taking responsibility for our own lives is preferable to being blown hither and thither by what feel to be random events

Because once we understand what is going on we can start to behave in ways that attract good stuff

Once we move into this mode life is much more agreeable

Life is fair down to the smallest micro element

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