Saturday, October 23, 2010

Light on autumn leaves


Already going for another year

Did you see it?

Did you take advantage of it?

Did you walk in nature and smell that unique smell of fallen leaves?

Such a short season

Like your life really

Eighty or ninety seasons

Some seasons of our lives are like the autumn or fall

The last twenty years of our lives for example

They went so fast

Be warned about those so called golden years

Are not what the ads say

If you live longer than your friends then you watch them die

Hearing how this one or that has died

How this and that one are in poor health

Family they too are getting older with you

In our modern world younger people do not want the old around

The old do not get it

They do not understand

So if you are one of the older ones then be warned

Find your own interests

Partners usually die separately one before the other

And if you are the one who survives the other then how will you spend your time?

Mourning is correct

For a while that is

Then how will you spend your time?

Can you even be alone?

Do you know how?

It might not seem obvious to you

However if we live longer then better be prepared

How do you spend your free time now?

How will you spend it then when you are older?

Like autumn leaves we fall one by one

And one by one we die

For me merely a transition

And for you?

What is death for you?

Prepare for your older days by living a full life now

A life where you are engaged in helping others

Where you feel good about yourself

It's too late when you get old

For you will harvest what you have sown

Will there be light on the autumn leaves of your life?

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