Wednesday, October 06, 2010

One more step

A few more years

Just a little more effort

A few more discoveries and we will be there

One or two more improvements

Sacrifices now to reach heaven in the future.

It's in religion too.

You have to sacrifice now for heaven later.

You have to suppress your desires now for rewards in the future


The dream is coming unstuck

The silly dream that we can create heaven on earth through technology and more and more consumption

Through ever more labour saving devices

Through ever more trade

Ever more striving

Then we will reach paradise

Onward and ever upward we march

And yet and yet

Just about now we are noticing that the effort to maintain what we have been building is costing us ever more

In our current financial situation we are running not just to stand still but to stop ourselves from drowning

Drowning in debt and disappearing dreams

More television channels do not bring us anything

More labour saving devices do not do it

Life expectancies aren't going up any more.

New diseases aren't being conquered anymore.

In fact new ones are coming into being.

Old ones are coming back.

Endlessly expanding government and controls on everything is not the answer

Religion as presented today is a sorry spectacle of unappealing ritual and confusion

Divisive as ever with silly messages and endless stories of corruption

Human life isn't improving

The Emperor is naked

There is no dream

The dream is gone

The music is grinding to a halt

And yet and yet

Before any seismic shift there is always uncertainly

Resistance to change

Anger and shouting from those trying to protect the status quo

Maybe it was ever thus, the passing of one civilisation to another

From one state of mind to another

The new barely discernible

The idea of restraining growth

From ever more consumption to just enough for our needs

Do we really need that everyone has a car?

Does everyone need a lawnmower, would not one or two per street do?

And power tools, and so on

Why should so many have no jobs when we spend a fortune shipping in food?

Why not grow more locally?

Why not create more jobs locally?

Produce products designed to last

Work less

Why should work be admirable there are plenty of other things to do with life?

Animals do not rush about as we do, they rest, they amuse themselves

And with our brains it is not hard to see how many other things we can productively do with our time and energy

And those who have too much money let them give

For if they do not then it will be taken from them

Not a threat just read history

Real history that is, the truth

These changes are just a perception away

Your perception and mine that is

For a start the 'Emperor'' of endless growth and consumption' is certainly naked

Next we can and will create a more desirable model

A more human and interesting understanding of why we are here

One more step

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