Monday, November 15, 2010

Be brave

Sometimes bravery is required of us

Not just by soldiers fighting in a war

The need for bravery is something most of us will confront at some point in our lives

How we face it can determine the rest of our lives

If we fall short then we will have to live with this knowledge for the rest of our lives

And this can cripple us

The knowledge that we ran away

We ducked it

We failed to face it

Others might not know but you do

If you failed and let yourself and others down then face this fact

Acknowledge this

You cannot undo what you did

You cannot change that fact

But you can change the rest of your life

Deciding to let it go

Decide to acknowledge to the others involved

No more excuses

Admit your failure

Make amends if this is possible

Decide to test your self again

Face your fear

Overcome it

Where you need help find it

Move to confront your fear and failure

Doing this will save you from a life of frustration and guilt

This is by far the more desirable course of action

Hiding might seem attractive at the time however as life goes on it scars you

And no you cannot run away from yourself

You know what you did or didn't do

Be brave now sort it

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