Sunday, November 07, 2010

Economic superiority

Rests on issues that hitherto were not considered seriously

Chance events coupled with positive feedback
Rather than technological superiority will determine economic superiority
Not some obscure defined edge in a given area of expertise
Earlier economic models excluded randomness
And so today researchers are looking at what used to be considered peripheral random events
Unexpected orders
Chance meetings with lawyers
Managerial whims
Which companies achieved early sales
And over time which firms dominated as a direct result of these elements
Thinking of your own career
How many seemingly random events have made a difference thus far?

What has had the most impact on your career?


We would bet that some if not most of the key events in your career were unexpected

In the current climate be prepared for more

All of us have several 'windows' of opportunity in life

If we seize the moment it can take us to totally unexpected places

Change our career

By extension it will also change your life

If we have fear or doubt then you will never know

Interestingly there is very little talk of life or career 'windows'

These often if not frequently appearing to be random events

We say they are real

And you?

What do you think?

Whatever your thoughts it does no harm to recognise that we are into volatile times where the known is not so important as the unknown

This applies to all of us so no harm in being alert to possible changes

Be prepared for change

Welcome change

Let go of fears

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