Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Escalating bullshit

Modest two bedroom apartment

Nice two bedroom apartment

Excellent two bedroom apartment

Superb two bedroom apartment

Stunning two bedroom apartment

From real estate to cars to anything else in our modern world

The hype has steadily escalated over the years

Is still escalating

Was a time when things meant what they said

Hype reigns supreme today

When a tatty dirty little apartment gets labelled as 'stunning', when the only stunning thing about it is the balls of the real estate agency to describe it that way we know we are in trouble

We are in trouble because we can have no way of knowing the truth

The truth of what is being said or described gets totally lost in a welter of hype which is almost or sometimes is disinformation

And the hype is still growing

We do what we can though

We try to see behind the hype to get a glimpse of reality

Not easy when it is your government lying

When it is your well known newspapers

Your favourite TV channels

Not easy but necessary because many things in life are too important to be left to governments or the media

We all need to be cognisant of what is really going down as best we can

9/11 in New York do you believe what you were told?

And July 7/2005 in London?

And is the Afghan government really worth supporting?

We do need to feel for the truth of things

So beware the escalating bullshit............

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