Wednesday, November 03, 2010


"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months."
Oscar Wilde
Fashion is also a huge industry that cannot sell the same clothes over and over

There must be constant change

Fashion needs 'noise' to survive


Magazines need an endless feed of new things to write about

A marriage made in heaven!

Fashion needs constant huffing and puffing

Fashion allows people to show off......... they have money

In other words fashion is about feathers

Look at me I have more feathers than you

Look at me my feathers are brighter than yours

Not the sign of a very advanced species

To the relief of many though cheap low cost imitations are now nearly as good the originals

Take handbags which can cost thousands, imitations are out on the streets after weeks of a new design by a major fashion house

Take fake watches they are also indistinguishable from originals

Jewellery is the same

Endless imitations in all areas of fashion

Notice how in response expensive clothes have ever more bling to try and distance themselves from the cheaper versions

Like an arms race

Where does fashion go next?

Basically trying to move faster into new styles

But then there is the problem of more designers putting out more and more options

And so we arrive at the point where anything goes

Why ?

Because there are so many companies competing they must fill the gaps left by others

Every niche is filled

Stand back and laugh at the lengths they must go to

Feel sorry for those who try to keep up by buying the latest

Endless expense just to say look at me

Define what works for you

Buy that and be content

Let the fashionistas rush breathlessly on

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