Friday, November 26, 2010

In India today

Recently a court gave it's ruling on punishment for those responsible for the terrible disaster at Phopal in December 1984, yes that is 26 years ago, Indian justice moves slowly and seems to favour some over others.

Nothing to say others have said what they think about the justice or injustice of that verdict and so I will not add more here

Chemical and Agricultural multinationals are since that time playing an increasing role in Indian agriculture

So here is a comment about the mutation of Indian agriculture from using few pesticides at the time of Phobal to the present time where global multinationals are introducing ever more products

For example the old pesticide industry is mutating into the biotechnology and genetic engineering industry.

While genetic engineering is being promoted as an alternative to pesticides, Bt cotton was introduced to end pesticide use.

But Bt cotton has failed to control the boll-worm and has instead created major new pests, leading to an increase in pesticide use.
The high costs of genetically-modified (GM) seeds and pesticides are pushing farmers into debt, and indebted farmers are committing suicide.

If one adds the 200,000 farmer suicides in India to the 25,000 killed in Bhopal, we are witnessing a massive corporate genocide - the killing of people for super profits.

To maintain these super profits, lies are told about how, without pesticides and genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), there will be no food.

In fact, the conclusions of International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development, undertaken by the United Nations

Shows that ecologically organic agriculture produces more food and better food at lower cost than either chemical agriculture or GMOs.

This is also true of course elsewhere on the planet, however in India where most farmers are not wealthy the coercion to buy GMO's must rank as cynical at best and genocide at worst

These comments are about India and yet all of us who consume genetically modified anything have no idea what this is doing to our personal systems

Unfortunately we will probably only find out when it is already too late to do anything about it

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