Monday, November 22, 2010

It all unfolds

What does?


It has a funny way of doing so if you let it

So often we are trying to force things to go as we want them to, trying to make things happen

Sometimes this is fine and the correct way to behave

Other times though a little patience and nature shows us a better way

Difficulty is to know which is which for many people

So what to do?

Learn what distinguishes one from the other that's what

What is it that distinguishes a time to force things and a time to let them unfold?

Context is one

Feeling is another





Scale even

A whole range of things that make up the picture

Things we do automatically when considering our options

Without thinking we do many of them

Some we need to think about

Others we need to get advice and more input on

And often we try to reduce risk

To reduce exposure or imagined dangers

And we could go on and on however that would be to miss the point we want to make

And that is?

If your input is poor then there is a high chance that the outcome will not be as you want

If your judgement is skewed by your predjudices then the outcome will be skewed by them as well
If your perceptions are skewed as well then double trouble

The clearer your knowledge of yourself the better you are likely to make better decisions

The more accurate your perceptions the better your decisions
Then we come to letting it unfold

If we are all full of fear then we feel we must do something

If on the other hand we are chilled about life and whatever comes our way then letting things unfold is easier

Conversely being stressed does not allow us to wait, to watch
Stress drives us, makes us blind to options
Causes us to take actions that are premature, rushed

Way out?

Learn all you can about situations

Gather inputs from everywhere

Talk once you have information to those who can give you valuable objective inputs

Make decisions only where they are clearly necessary

Otherwise let events unfold

Let things show you the way forward

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