Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Slippery slope

When we start to let things go

For most of us there are times when we let go things that we should be doing

Then they escalate and zoom out of control

Then we get into trouble and things multiple

One after another

Often it is hard not to believe that there is not a conspiracy out to get us

If your life is one of violence then this might be the case that someone has put out a contract on you

For most though this is not the case

More likely you have not understood that your very own behaviour is creating this sudden and unexpected onset of bad luck or tough situations

Rather like the 'overnight sensation' who actually has been working at her career for many years

Her success is the result of all that work over many years

The persistence and the determination to keep going

And voila she finally becomes the 'overnight sensation'

So it is with the 'sudden' onset of bad luck

You have been working many years to arrive at your 'all at once' onset of bad luck or tough situations

All those years of bad habits

All those years of selfishness

All those years of ignoring what needed doing

And now you are in the difficult situation where everything keeps going wrong

Should one feel sorry for you?

Maybe compassion from some

Maybe contempt from some others

Maybe just a shrug of the shoulders and she got what she deserved from others

And for you?

What will be your reaction if you are the one in this situation?



Endless stories of self justification

Whatever your reaction

Time will pass

With the passage of time might come the realisation that you need to change

On the other hand it might not and you carry on hitting brick walls endlessly complaining about how unfair life is

Boring everyone with your endless stories

Be clear we create our own lives

We create what comes our way

There are few accidents

Our karma is what we have created

Now we must live with it

And to get out of this situation?

Try accepting that you are wrong

That your behaviour and way of doing things is wrong

That you have created the problems you now face

That recognizing this you will change

That you mentally apologise for the problems you have caused others

Be warned make it a sincere apology and acceptance because nature is not fooled by phony repentance

Determine to move on

Create a new life where you respect your self and others

How do you do that?


"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

Sound familiar?

Should do, whatever our background it is in our DNA

It is in all the teachings

We would all like others to treat us with respect

We just forget this when in certain situations

Situations where we take advantage of others

Where we are selfish and thoughtless

It is never too late to change

It is difficult to change our behaviour however it can be done

Try not to go down that slippery slope because it is certainly not nice when everything keeps going 'wrong'

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