Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rich and poor

The trouble with being poor is that it takes up all of your time

While being rich takes other peoples time

Not so profound but wait a minute

If being poor is your life experience

For good or bad you find you are poor

Stay thinking you are poor and everything in your life can revolve around being poor

Go beyond the material and you can be richer than the rich of the material type

Being rich on the other hand and your life revolves around being rich

And this is a very numbing experience for many reducing everything down to monetary values as so many do

Being materially rich often has you wanting more because that is all that you know or care about

It has you worried about losing what you have in a very paranoid sort of way

So being rich demands that you make sure it is all safe

Are they really so different?

Well yes they are
The one worrying about how to survive

The other worrying about how to protect what he has

The two are very different psychologically

The poor are, research shows, more spontaneously generous

The rich not so

The poor know how to live in powerlessness

The rich know how to use their power

The poor live where they can

The rich live where they choose

The poor on the other hand have little to protect

The rich must surround themselves with protections, often making them prisoners of their possessions

Not seeing that they are prisoners of their very own wealth

Ultimately the poor are often rich while the rich are often poor

Ironic really that being rich can make you poor in spirit causing so many to drown in their possessions

Judging others solely by their physical assets

By how much it costs to buy them, use them, exploit them

The poor once they go beyond their material poverty can become free in a way so much more difficult for the rich

The materially poor can focus on going beyond material assets into the realm of the psyche

The rich are about me and mine, while often the poor are about us and we

The journey of freedom for both is the same

To go beyond what I have to what I am

What I can become

What I can do with my life

What would you choose?

What is your life about?

Have you chosen to serve or be served?


josh said...

talking about rich and poor, i came across this blog... i guess the child here is the meaning of being poor.

Anonymous said...

Very good indeed. spontaneous as the effect of overcoming the inter fact that the rich in a way are poor and the poor in a way are rich. Very good indeed. I give all the credit in the world to whoever wrote this. Also, the picture. Such little movement going on in the picture but so much meaning Love you guyz to bitz xoxo babe <33