Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We are very very old

In the oldest museums of the world lie mysteries that have provoked little thought or questioning

What am I talking about?

Think about this

In many museums there are Babylonian tiles and especially on old Chinese and Japanese drawings

In the oldest pagodas and monuments and in the Imperial library in Beijing are perfect representations of Plesiosauri and Pterodactyls in the multiform Chinese dragons

How could these nations know anything of the extinct monsters of the Carboniferous and Mesozoic times?

And even represent and describe them orally and pictorially

Unless they had either

Seen those monsters themselves

Or possessed descriptions of them in their traditions

Which traditions necessitate living and intelligent eyewitnesses

With me so far?

Now take the next step

And if eyewitnesses are once admitted

How can humanity not have been around at the same time?

These monsters are known to have disappeared millions of years ago

So man is millions of years old too

This does not fit with modern ideas

However this does not mean it is not true

Give me another hypothesis and I will listen

If you cannot then believe me when I say that modern sexually reproducing man is 18 million years old

Not easy to believe but true

And just to finish you off

We have all had many many thousands of lives

And we have all lived through and been part of all of these different times

Have a nice day

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Alexandra said...

I just love you and your blog! It makes my day!!! :)