Monday, January 03, 2011

How we are

Help me!

Would you?

Without thinking

Or only after careful thought perhaps


Depends on the circumstances

If it is a matter of life and death in the physical sense

A car crash perhaps

Then most of us would, I hope without thinking, help those in need

Then when we come to monetary help

Maybe not depends on whether we can spare the money

Or if we feel you will pay it back

Maybe you have borrowed before so we know what to expect

And in cases of emotional problems

Would we help

Would we listen



So there we have it context context context

Life is so often about context

And our experience of life that moves us towards being generous or mean

To context we should add our cultural norms

Our family traditions

When we look back on simple thing like giving to a busker

Or not giving to him

Did we enjoy his music and yet not give anything, in too much of a hurry perhaps

Or just mean maybe

Again context often plays a decisive role in our behaviour

Check out your behaviour do you like it?

Would you admire your behaviour if you were watching yourself

Aren't you watching yourself or have you cut that out too

Do not let your context come down to behavioral absolutes

Like I never give to beggars

I never give to charities

Never is a dangerous word when it comes to helping someone......... or something

Check your behaviour

Is it in harmony or truth with how you see yourself?

Or are there two ''yous'' here

One the image you carry around about yourself and the other the reality as seen by any outside observer?

Check out your reality and make it as you know it should be

From your heart that is

Mind is too sneaky and gets you behaving worse than you really want to

Selfish is not a nice word to see about your real behaviour

Nor is mean

Cultivate an appreciation for what you have in life not what you do not

Then give from your heart the next time you can help someone

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