Friday, January 07, 2011

Those rituals

All families have their own rituals

Their own unique way of doing things together.

You only have to spend Christmas or another festival with someone else’s family to see how they celebrate it differently

Can be quite shocking sometimes!

A horrible let me out of here reaction

If in your family, maybe birthdays were a big occasion and you followed the same rituals whenever it was someone’s special day

Maybe a big breakfast, balloons, a banner, the presents and special activities.

If this was your experience you probably enjoyed those rituals, and over the years they provided you with many happy memories.

Now you find yourself with someone who never celebrated his birthday, never had any presents and no he did not have special activities on such occasions!

In fact his family do not talk to each other or like each other very much

And no they do not get together

Nor do they think of or remember each others special days


So so often we assume that others enjoy what we do

Have similar memories

Be aware enough to ask each other what they like

What do they do on holidays or festival days?

What made them happy?

What was important to them?

Smart to find out before you get hurt

Beware those rituals!

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