Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Is the description given by several Masters to the majority of humans

What does it mean?

It means that most humans are uninvolved


That most humans do not want get involved in anything that looks like risk, smells like risk, is risk

Most do not want to take a position on any issue

Most shrug their shoulders at others misfortunes

Most see no reason to get involved

Most will not take the trouble to inform themselves on things that do not directly affect their own lives

As they perceive them that is

They will not challenge official pronouncements

They will not fight unfair edicts

They will not protest official orders even when unjust and unfair

They will say that they are powerless

They will say that "they" ought to do something about whatever it is

A fair picture of most humans perhaps?

And you?

Are you lukewarm?


Because if you choose to try and slide through life without risk

Be warned it will not work

At some point risk will come into your life

At some point you will have to stand up

Even if it is to deny any involvement

At some point your life will drag you outside your comfort zone

Your choice

You can slide your way through several lives avoiding involvement

Then comes the crunch and you have to decide

Again it will be your choice

If you resist that's fine your evolution will wait for a long time and your atoms will be reused for more productive purposes

Nature wastes nothing

Alternatively should you choose to grow and evolve

Then the road is long and hard

And it might even pleasantly surprise you that committing yourself to something is a powerful feeling

Not talking about becoming a fanatic although they do seem to get their rocks off on being fanatical

Talking about taking a moral or ethical position about something

About something where you have to stand up and be counted

Where you state that yes you either agree or disagree about some issue

Where unequivocally you get involved

No ifs or buts

Just standing up for whatever

Being committed

Becoming hot or cold................... not lukewarm

Being lukewarm is

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