Friday, March 18, 2011

Our life is just

Life is just

Do you agree?

Probably not, many feel totally powerless to alter things around them

Never thinking that we ourselves have produced these situations

Each of us have created our own life and character

In what way?

Because these situations are the outcome of previous lives and thoughts

In a very true sense each of us is his own judge and creator

His own executioner if you will

For it is our own hands that forge the weapons which work for our punishment

And each of us by our own lives reach reward or reckoning

Nothing is left to chance favour or partiality

All is under the governance of law

We are thinkers and by our thoughts we make the cause for woe or bliss

For it is our thoughts that produce our acts

We are the centre for any disturbance of the universal harmony and to us as the center must return so as to bring about equilibrium for nature always works towards harmony

Man is always carrying on a series of thoughts which extend back to the remote past continually making action and reaction

He is thus responsible for all his thoughts and acts and in that his complete responsibility is established

So yes this life and all the others are just

We literally make our own present

And our future life
Be clear it is you who create what you are experiencing now
And what you will in the future
So laugh at yourself for you created what you now are

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