Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Story telling

We all tell stories don't we?.
Maybe not real lies.

Just stories we invent when in need.

Are yours good?

Do you get carried away in the excitement of invention?.

Or maybe in the need to justify some action or lack of action.

Distorting things a bit, embellishing them perhaps.

And manipulating information to fit your story.

Telling stories is easier when you stay pretty close to reality .

But when you go off into never never land trouble can arise.

Your credibility might be at stake.

Then your whole credibility comes tumbling down around your ears.

For most of us we learn to lie and tell stories as kids.

Then later around the end of our teens most of us tend to stop lying.

Some never do though and choose lying as a life strategy to get what they want.

Most of us stick to telling stories only to get us out of trouble or to avoid hurting others.

And for most of us today this is as close as we get to telling stories.

Which makes me wonder.

Where have all the nice stories and storytellers gone?

Was a time when story telling was part of most cultures

Yes for sure it is clear that TV, the Internet and other media have stopped us from telling stories

When we do meet each other socially it is often to watch tv, go shopping or attend some other event

Or if we meet in a pub or coffee shop then someone just might tell a real story

Sadly if they do it is invariably stories of the latest violence and mayhem

If not then of gossip about those not present

Imaginative story telling is a lost art it seems

When was the last time you made up and told a story?

Try it and see how you feel

Tell a story, make one up, then share that story

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